Create Your Own AI-Generated NFT with Telept City!

• ChainwireTelept Inc. launches Telept City, a ground-breaking first-mover Web PC platform that empowers participants to create AI generated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
• Telept City is powered by an AI Generated Content (AIGC) image generation model and provides a novel and accessible AI Web 3.0 experience for users.
• The X-Native collection is an ever-expanding library of NFTs created using the Telept AI with exclusive IP on the Ethereum.

ChainwireTelept Inc. Launches Telept City

San Francisco, USA, 25th February, 2023 – ChainwireTelept Inc., a Web 3.0 startup, has announced today the launch of a ground-breaking first-mover Web PC platform called Telept City which empowers participants to create one-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated Non Fungible Token (NFT) called X-Native.

Overview of Telept City

The intuitive game like user interface of Telept City is powered by its cutting edge AI Generated Content (AIGC) image generation model which has undergone rigorous fine tuning utilizing a vast database of images. This provides a novel and accessible AI web 3.0 experience for participants of all levels enabling them to generate NFTs with minimal effort and cost involved in the process.

X Native Collection

The set of NFTs produced by Telept’s AI exclusively for Telept city users is known as X Native (Official Name on OpenSea ‚Telept City: X Native‘). This concept is based on benchmarking the visual version of Ethereum Name Service and it consists of AI NFTs as well as X Native Mystery Boxes with exclusive IP on the Ethereum. As per Lika Lee, CEO at Telecomt, these NFTs have potential to produce significant social value beyond just their financial worth hence they are committed to making it easier for everyone to create them regardless of their experience level in this domain or not.

Beta Version Of X Native’s NFT & Mystery Boxes

The beta version of X Native’s NFT & Mystery boxes are now available which will be released officially on March 23rd as per its roadmap containing details regarding its social significance & exclusive privileges associated with them respectively.. Users can log onto telep city via Metamask wallet wherein they will be presented with an interface resembling a trivia game wherein questions were designed tapping into their thinking about self image through gamified approach in order to help them create desired NFT easily & quickly . The answers provided by user get interpreted by the AI which further generates user defined image ultimately getting encrypted as an NFT part if x native collection .


In conclusion , With The Launch Of Its Ground Breaking First Mover Web Platform Called ‘TelepCity‘, ChainwireTelep Inc Is Aiming To Make It Easier For Everyone To Create Unique Non Fungible Tokens (Nft’s ) With An Intuitive Game Like User Interface Powered By Its Cutting Edge Ai Generated Content Model Utilizing A Vast Database Of Images In Order To Provide A Novel And Accessible Ai Web 3 Experience For Participants Of All Levels Thus Making Their Creation Easier , Quicker And Cost Effective Along With Exclusive Privileges Associated With x Native Collection On Ethereum Blockchain .