Prime Advantage Customer Service Reviews

In our opinion, Prime Advantage is a great starting point for beginner traders because of its simplicity-based approach. Indeed, the system trades according to your settings. This allows you to always be in control of your own trading while helping you to maximize your skills.

Prime Advantage Demo Trading Review

Prime Advantage provides new users with a demo account to allow them to get used to the system and the various options. Only when you are sufficiently familiar with the system can you begin trading.

Security and Account Verification
According to the team behind Prime Advantage, the platform is completely secure and you can trade safely. In fact, the developers have reportedly invested huge amounts of capital to ensure that the trading platform is safe for all users, as explained on their official website.

It should be noted that the site admits to being able to transfer users‘ data to partner companies or trading partners. However, it does not mention any real privacy policy or security measures taken to protect users‘ data.

The site does state that information sent to third parties like may be used by them to contact you or for their commercial activities. This is quite confusing as the leakage and disregard of user data is highly debated.

Request for Withdrawal of Funds and Service Fees
A form is available on the dashboard of the Prime Advantage website that you can fill out at any time for any fund withdrawal request. Once completed, the requested amount is then transferred to your account within 48 hours.

Please note that although there are no limits on payments and withdrawals, you may be required to provide proof of identity and residence. It is also essential that you verify your bank account details before you start trading in order to receive payments from the trading robot.

Prime Advantage Online Reviews

Unfortunately, after going through the Prime Advantage website from top to bottom, we did not find any user review section. Is this a deliberate attempt to restrict negative feedback?

However, as we scoured the web, we came across a number of less than glowing comments and reviews that equate Prime Advantage and several other platforms offering crypto-currency trading with nothing more and nothing less than a scam.

Prime Advantage Customer Service Reviews
Prime Advantage’s website offers only one way to reach customer service: a contact form. Unfortunately, the platform does not give any information about its availability, nor the response time after leaving a message.

As a result, you have no guarantee that by sending a message, you will get a response as soon as possible.